July 12, 2024 [Z2B]
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Purchase Copies

Copies can be purchased from our office via the Internet or at any of our customer service locations. The Internet is the quickest way to obtain copies. The cost to purchase a document online is listed below and in person will be 1.00 per page plus 5.00 for certification and seal.

  • Paper Printed per page (US Mail/Pickup shipping options) - $1.00 per page
  • Electronic - 1 to 10 pages - $1.00
  • Electronic - 11 pages and Up - .10 per page
  • Copies – Paper Converted to Electronic Paper - $1.00 per page
  • Certification and Seal - $5.00 each document

Information Required For Copies

  • Case (cause) number
  • Style (person(s) involved in case)
  • D.O.B (only for criminal search)

If required information listed above is not available, a primary information search is necessary. This search involves an additional $5.00 fee. Click here to conduct primary information search.

To Obtain Copies, Simply Search Our Records and Documents

  1. Enter case number
  2. Click on style and then the images tab
  3. Determine the document(s) you wish to purchase
  4. Add them to your basket
  5. Select Purchase Order to complete your transaction
  6. Select delivery method

Public Kiosks

Public Kiosks are available in our Customer Service areas to allow for on-site self-service record searches and document purchases.

Payment Information

Please see our Payment Options.