July 12, 2024 [Z1B]
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Court Registry

The Court Registry is responsible for deposits of the following:

  • Funds for a minor awarded in a District Court case, to be held in trust until the child reaches the age of 18 or upon further order of the court
  • Tendered funds from lawsuits, interplead funds, and disputed funds
  • Various bonds posted with Civil or Family Courts
  • Personal property in dispute under order of the court

Payments must be made payable to Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk. Include a completed Form W-9 for all deposits awarded to a minor.

Balance Information

Search Our Records to view balance information. You may enter your nine-digit case number or five-digit Court Registry account number. Click on the Court Registry tab to view your account balance.

Withdrawing Minor Funds

If you are the beneficiary of funds in the Registry, have turned 18, and wish to withdraw those funds, our office can prepare an order for disbursement, or this can be achieved through a private attorney. To have our office prepare the order, please review our Instructions to Withdraw Minor Funds and submit the necessary documents outlined on the instructions page.

Once a completed Application to Withdraw Funds has been submitted to our office, we will prepare the order and send it to the court for the Judge's review and approval. The average timeframe is approximately six to eight weeks, depending on the court's schedule.

Withdrawing Other Funds

Withdrawing other (non-minor) funds from the registry requires a signed court order. You may obtain an order by hiring an attorney or visiting a law library for information on how to prepare an order and petition the court of record. The Harris County Law Library is located at 1019 Congress in downtown Houston. A valid Form W-9 is required for all disbursements that include earned interest.

Change of Address

To update an address with the Court Registry, submit a brief letter including:

  • Your case number
  • Your new address
  • Your signature
  • A copy of your Texas Driver's License or Identification Card reflecting your new address

Then, fax the letter to (832)927-0133, or email to court.registry@hcdistrictclerk.com, or mail to:

Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk
ATTN: Court Registry
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, Texas 77210-4651

Unclaimed Funds

Minor funds that are unclaimed by the age of 21 are relinquished (escheated) to the State of Texas or Harris County, depending on the amount. Sums over $100 will be relinquished to the State Comptroller and sums under $100 will be forwarded to the County Treasurer.

Minor-awarded funds that are escheated to the State may be claimed from the State Comptroller's Unclaimed Property Division. Tendered funds and other types of funds may require further court action to establish ownership of the funds. For further information and assistance, contact:

Comptroller of Public Accounts
Unclaimed Property Division
Research and Correspondence Section
P.O. Box 12046
Austin, Texas 78711
(800) 321-2274

Interest Income Reporting

The interest rate accrued on Court Registry Accounts is variable, changing daily, and compounded monthly. The interest rate is calculated on a pro-rata share of the daily registry balance and interest earnings. Interest is posted to the accounts on a monthly basis. If the interest earned on an account is $10.00 or more, a 1099-INT Form is mailed out on or before January 31 of each year.

If a Form W-9 is not on file with the District Clerk’s Office, the applicable percent of interest earned, as determined by the Internal Revenue Service, will be withheld until a valid Form W-9 is received. A Form W-9 is a Certification of Taxpayer’s IRS Identification Number. Once you have completed the Form W-9, you may fax to us at (832) 927-0133, email to court.registry@hcdistrictclerk.com, or mail to:

Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk
ATTN: Court Registry Section
P.O. Box 4651
Houston, Texas 77210-4651