July 12, 2024 [Z1B]
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For information about bond conditions, contact your attorney, or for Personal Bonds contact Harris County Pretrial Services at (832) 927-3520. Your private bonding company may also have information concerning surety bond conditions

Bond Forfeitures

In the event that a defendant fails to appear in court, the court may order the bond to be forfeited. The Judge signs a temporary order that becomes final if the defendant cannot provide a legitimate reason for failing to appear. For those cases where there is a final judgment, the Bond Forfeiture section:

  • Maintains the bond forfeiture case
  • Provides cost bill and fee information related to the forfeiture
  • Accepts the bond forfeiture payment

Cash Bond Refunds

Cash Bonds are refunded only to the depositor upon conclusion of the case if the defendant has successfully complied with all conditions of the bond. The average time to complete a cash bond refund after conclusion of a case is 6 to 8 weeks.

A fee of 5% of the bond amount (not to exceed $50.00) is deducted from cash bond refunds, per the Code of Criminal Procedure Chapter 17. Bail Article 17.02 and Section 117.055, Local Government Code.

Change of Address

Address changes must be filed prior to the conclusion of the case or immediately after disposition; otherwise refunds will be mailed to the depositor at the address we have on file upon receipt of the order to refund. Complete the Change of Address Form to route the refund to a different address. The depositer can submit the form in person at 1201 Franklin, Suite 3250, Houston, TX 77002. If it is mailed, the form must be notarized.

In compliance with the Office of Attorney General Opinion #GA-0773, the District Clerk’s Office will no longer accept Cash Bond Assignments.

Bail Bond Board

The Harris County Bail Bond Board oversees the bail bond business within Harris County. The site provides information including:

  • Board agendas
  • Past meeting minutes
  • Local rules related to bail bonding
  • Approved bondsmen
  • Application for bail bond license

Posting a Bond

Bonds are posted at 700 N. San Jacinto with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. For information regarding bonding and the types of bonds, please visit the Harris County Sheriff’s Office website.